Upland Water in the Rosebowl  – Jan 19th 2016

Our conference, held in association with the British Hydrological Society will provide those involved with upland hydrology with a wealth of information and opportunity for discussion, focusing on three themes:

  • Water colour and carbon
  • Natural Flood Risk Management
  • The Water Industry and the Upland Economy

Full details of the event are here

To book please contact Tim Fuller at the BHS bhs@ice.org.uk or use the form at http://tinyurl.com/oo6q62h

29th June 2015 – Policy and funding in the uplands : All pushing in the same direction?

A briefing document will be available shortly.

PDFs of our speaker’s presentations are available below.

30th October 2014 – Away from the blanket bog:  The hydrology of upland non-peat soils

The principal output from this meeting is a briefing document on the hydrology of non-peat soils, available here.

PDFs of our speakers’ presentations are available below:

Beyond the bog: what do we really know about hydrology, water quality and carbon storage in upland soils – Sheila Palmer, water@leeds
Farming Up-Hill – James Copeland, NFU
Forestry & Soils– Vince Carter, Forestry Commission
Working with natural processes to help manage flooding in Scotland – Heather Forbes, Scottish Environment Protection Agency

27th July 2014 – Peak District field meeting

A summary of the latest field meeting in the Peak District hosted by Moors for the Future, is now available. You can view a PDF summary of the meeting below:

UHG Field Meeting July 2014

March 2014 – Upland Hydrology in the UK conference

On the 10th March 2014, the University of Leeds, in association with water@leeds, the Upland Hydrology Group (UHG) and the British Hydrological Society (BHS), with the support of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) hosted the Upland Hydrology in the UK conference. This was an all day event and was an opportunity for attendees to share knowledge, experience and practical skills associated with understanding and managing our uplands.

PDFs of the speakers’ presentations are available below:

Implementation and monitoring of natural flood management in Scottish upland catchments.
The James Hutton Institute – Steve Addy, Mark Wilkinson, Helen Watson adn Marc Stutter
The Black Box
The Environment Agency – Dr Richard Maxted
Delivering the WFD in upland environments: from policy to practice
Cascade Consulting – John Sanders and Clare Black
Initial changes in hydrology and water quality following restoration of a shallow degraded peatland in the South West
University of Exeter and South West Water – David Luscombe, David Smith, Emilie Grand-Clement and Richard E. Brazier
Water supply quality problems in an obligothropic Exmoor Reservoir: assessing the effect of moorland restoration on Geosmin concentration
Wessex Water
Does vegetation type impact DOC and water colour in upland peatlands?
University of Leeds – Pippa Chapman, Sheila Palmer, Lauren Parry, Zoe Wallage and Joseph Holden
The Effects of Conifer Afforestation on a Sensitive Freshwater System
Forest Research – Nadeem W. Shah, Thomas R. Night and Samantha Broadmeadow
High Peak Moors Vision and Plan
National Trust – Sophie Milner
Impact of blocking erosion gullies in blanket bog on flood risk
Various organisations
Modelling the Impacts of Land Cover Change on Flood Hydrographs in Upland Peat Catchments
water@leeds – Jihui Gao, Joseph Holden and Mike Kirkby
Catchment Management in the commercial forest cycle: lessons from the Kielder Forest Streams Project
Tyne Rivers Trust – Malcolm Newson and Graham Holyoak
45 years of non-stationary hydrology over the Coalburn upland forest catchment
Newcastle University – Steve Birkenshaw and James Bathurst
Land use change and controls on fluvial organic carbon fluxes from an upland peat catchment
University of East Anglia, University of Aberdeen, University of St Andrews and University of Glasgow

November 2013 – re-launch meeting
This meeting marked the re-launch of the UHG after an 18 month gap.  PDFs of our speakers presentations are available below:

CAP Reform update – NFU

Peatland restoration and WFD – EA

Update on PR14 – United Utilities

WFD and the uplands – EA

Woodland for Water update – Forestry Commission

November 2012 – Peatland Restoration for Water and Carbon benefits in South West England

Meeting organised jointly with the English Upland Peatland Network and hosted by the South West Water Mires-on-the-Moors Projects

Click here for the report of a meeting organised jointly with the English Upland Peatland Network and hosted by the South West Water Mires-on-the-Moors Projects

November 2011 – runoff and the uplands

One output from this meeting is a briefing document on flood risk, water resources and the uplands, available here.

PDFs of our speakers’ presentations are available below:

Flood risk and the uplands – an introduction – Adam Baylis, Environment Agency
Water resources and the uplands – Kate Snow, United Utilities
Case study 1: the Belford catchment – Mark Wilkinson, Newcastle University
Case study 2:  National Trust properties – John Malley, National Trust (part 1 and part 2)
Introduction to FloodMap / EA funding summary – Simon Hildon, Environment Agency

July 2011 – field meeting to the Vrynwy catchment

Members of the Upland Hydrology Group took part in a field meeting in the vicinity of Lake Vyrnwy in Wales in July 2011. Click here for a report on what we saw and conclusions which were drawn.

A focus for our visit was grip blocking work carried out by RSPB at Vyrnwy. If you’d like to know more about grip blocking click here for the Yorkshire Water report ‘Grip Blocking Best Practice Guide’ which is based on a study carried out by the University of Leeds.

February 2011 – colour in water

Our meeting looked at the question of colour in water.  Click here for a short briefing note produced in the light of our discussions.