Research Summary

Early in 2011 the Upland Hydrology Group asked the principal upland restoration projects across England and Wales to tell us about their research and monitoring activities.  The purpose of this was so everyone can know what others are up to, and hopefully ensure the totality of our activities will be greater than the sum of the parts.

To see a map showing the location of projects which responded to the survey click here.

Click here for a note which presents a summary of what is going on across England and Wales.

We have received seven responses to date.  Click on the project names below for an account of research and monitoring activity at each project.

Click here to go to the website of the Peat Compendium.  This provides you with information about all the peat restoration and management projects, in both the uplands and the lowlands, across the whole of the UK.

What We Know

This table of questions and answers summarises the consensus Group members have reached about critical issues relating to upland hydrology.

The questions are divided into three sections:

  • water quality
  • water quantity
  • other issues including carbon and greenhouse gases

Click here for the UHG paper “A grip-blocking overview” by Joe Holden of the University of Leeds

December 2009 Meeting

Click here to see notes of the meeting held in December 2009.

This 9-page document summarises the current state of knowledge with regard to a wide range of upland hydrology issues.